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Marriage Licenses

Marriage Licenses Fees & Requirements

Fee Schedule

Marriage License Issue
$32.50 ($27.50 – License + $5.00 Souvenir Certificate)
Certified Copy of Marriage License
Mail Out Copy of Marriage License
$7.00 + Postage
All Regular Copies
All Other Certified Copies



Applicants must meet the following requirements to qualify for a Marriage License.

1. Location of Marriage

A marriage license may be issued in any parish in Louisiana, regardless of where the nuptial is to be performed, or where the parties reside.

Marriage ceremonies must take place in Louisiana. Nuptials are of record in the parish where the marriage license was issued, not in the parish where the marriage ceremony is conducted. Therefore, following the ceremony after the license is signed by the parties and the officiant, it must be returned to the Clerk of Court in the parish where the license was issued.