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Court Costs

Explanation on St Landry Parish Court Costs

Only an estimated final cost can be given prior to the Clerk’s Office receiving the final judgement/dismissal.


The Following Includes Only (1) One Service

*Each Additional Service is $100.00 which Includes Sheriff’s Cost


Suit for Divorce $300.00
Suit for Damages $375.00
Suit on Open Account $300.00
Suit on Promissory Note $300.00
Suit for Interdiction $300.00
Suit for Deficient Judgment $300.00
Suit for Adoption/Act of Surrender $300.00
Suit for Probate/Succession $300.00
Suit for Executory Process $350.00
Suit to make Judgment Executory and Garnishment $400.00
Suit for Sequestration $350.00
Suit for Name Change $300.00
Suit for Emancipation $300.00
Suit for Tutorship $300.00
Suit Mandamus $300.00
Suit for Expungement $200.00
Suit for Protective Order 3601 $300.00
Suit of Transfer of Custody $300.00