Statewide Notification System: Uniform Commercial Code (UCC)

In January of 1990, Louisiana adopted the Uniform Commercial Code. This statewide notification system replaced Louisiana’s chattel mortgage laws and for the first time provides lenders with statewide information regarding liens on movable, personal property.

As the last state to adopt the UCC, Louisiana was fortunate to implement a filing system that benefited its users by allowing the filing of financing statements with any of the 64 parish filing offices.


File UCC Online

At the Secretary of State’s webiste, you can now execute Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) filings online.


Where do I file an UCC-1 original financing statement in your state?

In Louisiana, you may file an Original Financing Statement (UCC-1) with any of our 64 Parish filing offices. The Secretary of State’s Office manages and maintains a statewide database and all 64 filing officers have access to this system. Regardless of where you choose to file your UCC-1 it is transmitted as a statewide effective filing.

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